Simply give it your all with DE.LA.RO® glasses.

De.La.Ro glasses, the inimitable ones

De.La.Ro glasses are now the benchmark for more and more athletes.
Designed to maximize the shooter's focus on the skeet, capable of ensuring comfort and ever-higher optical performance in all weather conditions and on every shooting range, De.La.Ro glasses are one of a kind.
Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, De.La.Ro has the right eyewear for you, the optimal combination of lenses and frames for maximum performance

Our best lenses

Thin, unbreakable, "tailor-made": lenses De.La.RO, are the best result resulting from years of study and testing. De.La.Ro The Original lenses, represent the result of three basic factors: the eye's response to light variations, the perfect focus of each color of the skeet and on different backgrounds present, and the correct posture of the skeet shooter when engaging the skeet.

Thin, lightweight and unbreakable - Contrast-enhancing lens tinting for excellent detail definition and faithful color reproduction

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The V4 mount

The result of extensive studies and technological choices, the innovative, patented De.La.Ro The Original frame , thanks to its light weight and curly terminals, provides an unparalleled snug fit, preventing unwanted movement during slinging and shooting motion. The frame is made of stainless steel, very light of only 10.6 grams, has an adjustable nose pad (35 mm extension), That is to say: maximum comfort for the whole day.

A sweatband with silicone material has also been applied to the frame to ensure better adherence to the skin. Another not insignificant detail, the De.La.Ro The Original frame is exclusively "Made in Italy."

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DE.LA.RO The Original | Manufacturer of shooting glasses and lenses | Inside our DE.LA.RO workshop

Italy Made

De.La.Ro The Original shooting glasses and lenses are made entirely in Italy.

Since its founding, De.La.Ro The Original's mission has been to develop a light management and color filtering system that gives the target shooter a significant advantage in the speed of target detection and visual recognition